A multidisciplinary team that is training community workers, midwives and health staff from 80 communities, on the use of the tablet to collect and send health information about the pregnant women of their communities to a medical ship or health center that work with these communities throughout the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers in the districts of Nauta, Parinari and Saquena in Loreto. By doing this, the medical ships will prioritize the assistance of pregnant women during the 4 hours that they spend in each community. In addition, the midwives will send information to the ship as soon as they identify pregnant women at risk and will also send information when a baby is born, so that he/she can have his/her ID and have access to social programs from the government.


To work in rural communities of Peru to reduce maternal and infant mortality through the empowerment of the community workers using the ICTs.


Our dream is to have a country with better health and without mother or neonatal deaths due to preventable causes.

Nuestro equipo directivo

We have a large multidisciplinary team with experience in health for the development of the intervention.

Magaly Blas Blas

General Manager
Doctor of Medicine, Master in Public Health, PhD in Epidemiology.

Yliana Solis

Implementation Coordinator

Gabriela Becerra

Commercial Director
Bachelor in Communication

Foto Equipo

Ángela Alva

Coordination Assistant
Nurse and Master in Social Programs Management

Foto Equipo

Stefan Reinders

Coordinator of Programs Assessment
Epidemiologist and data analyst

Foto Equipo

Ana Sofía Mori Rengifo

Local Coordinator